MortgageSimplify is an simplified and integrated all-in-one web-based platform that supports both retail and wholesale lending.

MortgageSimplify helps your organization with:

  • Simplifies your loan process - from lead-loan-completion.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing LOS systems (Encompass, CALYX etc)
  • Increase operational efficiency by saving time and giving access to key information quickly and real-time
  • Establish your brand in this competitive world providing tools that will help you differentiate
  • Staying ahead of competition with simplified marketing tools.
mortgage simplify

MortgageSimplify platform includes the following tools helping borrowers, loan officers, realtors, processors, underwriters and closers.

  • Dashboard
    Daily / Weekly / Monthly view of all your KPIs at loan officer, branch and company-level.
  • Integration
    Easy setup and configuration to sync lead, loan and partner data between Encompass or other systems.
  • Leads Distribution
    Simplified distribution of leads based on capacity or business rules.
  • Partner Management
    Manage partner data, communication and campaigns.
  • Email Marketing
    Start and manage campaigns with easy template and group creation.
  • Drip Campaigns
    Automate Loan status updates to borrower, realtors and Loan officers at every stage of loan process based on various triggers.
  • Marketing
    Manage marketing flyers with custom Loan officer signature and marketing templates.
  • Pipeline management
    Manage leads effectively. Track lead activity and changes in one place.
  • Administration
    Manage settings and control access levels for all features across the platform.
  • Loan Connect
    Portal for borrowers to track loan status, manage loan documents and manage communication with loan officer, realtor and attorney.
  • Realtor Portal
    Portal for relators to communicate with Loan officers, track loans, upload loan documents, create prequalification letters and create property flyers.
  • Website Management
    Integrate website custom quote, short and long application with CRM or any other leads management system.
  • Employee Management
    Manage employee profile, settings, access levels, marketing , campaign and communication settings.
  • Branch Management
    Manage your branch details, organizational hierarchy and branch-level communications.
  • Reports
    Generate various KPIs and performance reports at loan officer, branch and company-level.
  • Closing Portal
    Portal that helps Processors, Loan Officers and Closers track Loans from Pre-closing stage to Completion.
  • Tasks & Appointments
    Helps you track and stay in touch with your leads.
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