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We offer variety of following services to help you fully leverage your Encompass solution. We help you with encompass configuration, implementation, administration, testing and production support.


We helped organizations seamlessly integrate encompass with other systems and products commonly used in Mortgage industry. As part of these integrations, lot of manual steps were automated and data is exchanged and secured in compliance with all company rules.

  • Rate integration (OptimalBlue / Mortec)
  • GFE title fees integration
  • CRM and Leads Management System (Velocify / Salesforce / Zillow / Lending Tree / Active Prospect / SoftVu etc )
  • Other systems ( Pre-Qualification system / HR Portal / Commissions / Reporting / Realtor Portal )
  • Closing Portal
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Ellie Mae Encompass Integration
Ellie Mae Encompass Administration


We have experience managing Encompass on day-to-day basis with regular tasks as mentioned below:

  • Create and Manage Organization Hierarchy /user logins / Personas / Roles / Groups / Milestones.
  • Setup pipelines based on Persona, Roles, Groups, users.
  • Create business rules and add validations to various forms.
  • Create custom fields and forms.
  • Create and manage reports.

We have done lot of new custom development and projects. Some of those that require PUSH to encompass:

  • Pushing loan documents to e-folder.
  • Real-time (cost-center, payroll)/ Bulk update of Encompass fields under certain conditions.
  • Loan creation from various sources.

We have done lot of new custom development and projects. Some of those that require PULL from encompass:

  • Syncing various settings / fields (Partners, MLOs) to other systems.
  • Generating reports and sending notifications and reports.
  • Download Post-closing (Hazard Insurance) and Compliance (Action Taken).
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Underwriting conditions from e-folder.
  • Daily back-ups.
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